23 January 2007


The Replacements The Shit Hits the Fans Andrew Smith The Daily Herald The Replacements The Shit Hits the Fans Andrew Smith The Daily Herald
In January 2006 I commented on an article online about cassette tapes. I wrote:
I think the only cassette I've got worth holding onto is the Replacements' The Shit Hits the Fans.

And it's horrible.
(The article is no longer online.)

A few days later I received the following email from an Andrew Smith:

I just found out from Paul Stark at Twin/Tone that they're going to make available "The Sh*t Hits the Fans" from the Twin/Tone Web site in the fall. Unfortunately, I'm an old Replacements fan that was trying to compile all the older source material I didn't have from the Twin/Tone years so I could make a proper mix CD for an intern in our office who's in high school and plays guitar in a band. He said his band plays "alternative pop." He needs some help.

Anyway, I didn't want to wait until the fall to get the material, and I noticed you had a copy of the tape and that you thought it was horrible. As an old 'Mats fan, I was wondering if you'd be willing to part with your tape at all. If so, what amount would you be comfortable selling to me for?

Just curious,
Andrew Smith
near Chicago, Ill.
I replied:
if you can put it onto a disc, we can swap.

And Andrew wrote:

I'm not sure if I understand you correctly--are you saying you want me to put it onto a CD-R for you after you send it to me and send the disc back to you? If so, yes, I have the capability to burn it onto a music CD-R. I have a stereo-system component Harmon/Kardan CD player and recorder that has analog inputs in the back for vinyl album input, cassette tape input, etc.


i was writing in between things at work. i'm certain i wrote probably half-intelligibly.

yes, if you'll put it onto a CD for me, the cassette's yours.

Our busy correspondence continued that day, January 26, 2006:

As I mentioned, I have a very good high-end stereo system component Harman/Kardan CDR 26 that I can burn CDs with. I also use high-quality blank music CD-Rs made by IO Products. They are great because they have nothing printed on their topside so you can write whatever you want on the top with a CD-marking pen on your own and there's no printing or anything like that getting in the way. Or, if you put your own label on the top, you won't have any printing showing through the white label from underneath.

Here's my address. You might as well send me the cassette at work:

Andrew Smith
Daily Herald
4300 W. Commerce Ct. Ste. 100
Lisle, IL 60532

When I send you your CD-R back, I'll also have it in its own CD jewel case. If I can, I'll try to create some artwork for it for your trouble.

Sound like a plan?


Oh, my phone number at work is: (630) 955-3514 if you need it for any reason.
My reply:
sounds great, perfect.

i'll be sending it out tomorrow or saturday, andrew.

clay banes
Andrew shot back quickly asking for my address, so he could send me the CD-R. I told him he'd get it with the cassette when it arrived, but I wrote him my address anyway.

On February 13, 2006, Andrew wrote:
Received "The Sh*t Hits the Fans" tape. I'll need to get a tape player to hook up to my CD burner, so give me a couple of weeks.
On March 26, 2006, I hadn't heard from Andrew Smith. So I wrote a quick hello asking what's up and told him to be in touch.

The next day Andrew replied:
I'm well, all apologies for not getting your disc back to you yet. I ended up taking a three week vacation to Northern California, and then when I got back, I had election things at the newspaper making my life really hectic. I'm still working on getting a tape deck to burn your CD for you. Thanks for e-mailing though so I have your e-mail address fresh in my folder. I'll keep you posted.
I replied that I'd lost track of time myself and had just remembered. No problem.

I wrote Andrew Smith again on May 20, 2006, and asked if he had forsaken me.

On May 26, 2006, Andrew replied:
My apologies on my slow everything. I obtained an old tape deck with which I was going to burn your CD, and I found it wasn't working. I'm in the process of repairing it, and as soon as it's repaired, I'm going to burn your disc.
I immediately responded:
clay here.

andrew, as long as i'm not forgotten, i'm fine waiting.

And Andrew:
Oops, sorry.
Don't know where the heck Mike came from. Probably accidentally typed it because I have a friend named Mike.
I lost track again. I did not hear from Andrew Smith.

On September 15, 2006, I wrote:
dear andrew,

i'll try to remind you every three and half months.

Andrew Smith did not respond. I wrote him again on November 2, 2006:
Happy November!
Again, he did not respond.

I have not heard from Andrew Smith.

I have not heard from Andrew Smith.


At 24 January, 2007 05:12, Blogger shanna said...

this is a sad story.

At 24 January, 2007 09:50, Blogger anything but poetry said...

Maybe everyone in the blogging community should start emailing him on your behalf? And sending letters (and magazine subscriptions) to his house?

At 29 September, 2007 17:18, Blogger CLAY BANES said...

I have not heard from Andrew Smith.


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