01 February 2007

Due to a threat of litigation and possible violence Adam's Books with now be called Unnameable Books.

Anywhere you have ever read on this blog Adam's Books please silently correct to Unnameable Books.

Adam is still Adam; however, you may now refer to him as "The Unnameable," if it seems easier for you.

I will change whatever links as soon as I do.



At 04 February, 2007 09:08, Blogger shanna said...

WTF is wrong with these asshats? Next thing you know they'll be suing individuals for wearing trademarked colors that supposedly infringe on their company branding.

I am pretty sure Adam's Books would have to have significant overlap in the type of business he does with that of the Adams Book Company in order for any judge to hear any kind of case. (Oh, they have no case.) It woulda been thrown out.

I'm going to write them a letter & tell them how unnecessarily stupid they are. csdept@adamsbook.com


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