15 November 2007

Best Magazines: A Non-Poetry Question
  What have you done for me philately?

Soliciting magazine recommendations. Please, no poetry. Any other subject — fashion, music, politics, stamp-collecting. If you have a favorite, please leave a comment.


At 15 November, 2007 15:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have loads of opinions! But try getting a hold of Interzone and Locus; both are science fiction magazines and are very good (a far sight better than Analog and Asimov's.) I believe it was Interzone that launched a number of the best writers we have around today.

They may be hard to track down!

Also, I feel the need to plug the journal I (re)started with friends back in the late 1990s -- the Harvard Review of Philosophy. It's actually really very good, and the students working on it today have really hit the right now in terms of making specialty content accessible (the best thing are the interviews, which Routledge published in a collected edition a while ago.) If you e-mail them, cc me and I bet they'd cut you a deal.

At 15 November, 2007 21:03, Blogger Unknown said...

Hobby Farms and Horse Illustrated...yes it has a centerfold.

At 16 November, 2007 06:34, Blogger christopher higgs said...

I like to look at: Juxtapose and Giant Robot and Flaunt and SEED.

At 16 November, 2007 22:03, Blogger François Luong said...

ArtNews. It has fewer ads than ArtForum, although I like ArtForum too, because it has nice columns by people not in the art world (like Rae Armantrout not too long ago).

Then, there's MacLife and Linux Journal, Scientific American, and Wired.

At 19 November, 2007 14:32, Blogger shanna said...

Fortean Times.

I second ArtNews, ArtForum, Seed and Wired, suggested above...

also Bomb has really good interdisciplinary interviews. Make is fab, but i'm afraid if i subscribe i will be forever lost in a clutter of crafty projects, mostly half-finished. American Cinematographer is good if you are really really really really into movies and digital video.

are these for the store? you probably have all these already, but if not: marie claire is the smartest of the women's/fashion rags i think, tho i like harper's bazaar for the photos and i read (um, if you can call it that) Lucky for work. Self is usually worth reading in the women's/health area, shape slightly less so and can be kinda repetitive. the rest of the "women's" mags seem very homogenous.

gourmet is always worth a drool, and Gastronomica is the best among the foodie mags i think.


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