14 November 2007

jen adores me


At 14 November, 2007 13:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...

history of science interlude/guitar solo!

find a friend (in real life) and get them into a not-too bright room. look them in the eyes and note the size of their pupils. you may find this discomforting if you have issues with subjectivity and narrative, or you have previously tried to get your friend in the sack.

with one hand, cover one of their eyes, watching the pupil of the other one. you will see it dilate in response.

this was apparently a big deal for early theorists, scientists, philosophers who dealt with human vision. the main question being: does the eye reach out and touch things, or does the universe reach in and touch the eye?

the experiment above was considered evidence for the latter, in as much as the pressure of things, finding now only one inlet instead of two, forced the eye wider.


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