30 October 2005

April Is the Cruelest Month ®


While it's neither my purpose nor pleasure to help to publicize books from the media conglomerates, my feathers are sweating so I have to mention Tomaž Šalamun's The Book for My Brother, translated by Joshua Beckman, Christopher Merrill, Anselm Hollo, et al., coming in April from Harcourt, Inc. (formerly Harcourt Brace, now better known to the world, I should think, as Reed Elsevier). Some will note this jacket design's conspicuous resemblance to Harcourt's earlier Šalamun collection, Feast — ignominiously remaindered and never issued in paperback. You wonder.

From book publishers:

University of California Press will publish Joshua Clover's second book, which he has finally pulled together, The Totality for Kids. He preens, he's pretentious. I can't help liking him.

Siste Viator

Sarah Manguso's first book earned her lots of attention, despite her not belonging to any known cliques (prosings for Eggers, Inc. aside, and in any case those are all good). Manguso's deft and imaginative, and her recent work's only gotten stranger and stronger, if I know anything. Her new book Siste Viator to be published by Four Way Books, jacket TK.


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