28 December 2005

I ♥ The Baffler

the baffler
Maybe like me you read the above when it first appeared on The Baffler's homepage months and months and months ago. [As I'm typing and posting here today, this is still up.] And your response may have been, like mine, "Whoopie!" Or, "Tra-la-la!" Or, "Tolderolloll!" And you told your friends. And you told your strangers. "The Baffler returns in summer 05, The Baffler returns in summer 05!" At work, enthusiastically, breathlessly, we called our distributor to increase our draw.

I even pestered Jennifer Moxley more than a month ago, asking what's up. She promptly, kindly replied that "Tom" had said the fall; that she'd delivered the poems to him back in July; and that she would pass my email on to him.

Pray for Issue 17 in 06.


At 28 December, 2005 14:34, Blogger Thin Black Duke said...

I too love The Baffler. And I'm praying along with you.


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