19 September 2006


What kind of mailing list am I not on that I just learn late tonight that Joyelle McSweeney will be reading tomorrow night at St. Mary's?

I'll be working, and it's impossible, and I can't go. Also, it's impossible.

Directions here.

I curse!


At 20 September, 2006 09:28, Blogger John Sakkis said...

steph young's blog is all the mailing list i need. are you going?

At 20 September, 2006 11:18, Blogger CLAY BANES said...

sometimes i don't read the fine print.

it's not a possible thing, my going.

At 20 September, 2006 18:08, Anonymous kaya said...

You don't want to go there anyway. It's ugly, suburban, and the busses stop running at 6.

At 20 September, 2006 18:25, Blogger John Sakkis said...

i'm not sure "ugly" is the right term for the moraga hills...i'd go with "pretty"...why so many east of the tunnel haters? i don't get it...

and clay, just realized i might have taken an inadvertent swipe at the meticulousness of all things poetry that is your blog...didn't mean it like that...

At 20 September, 2006 18:52, Blogger CLAY BANES said...

john, no swipe. i'm a little dizzy packing and everything; my work here is suffering.

i love the moraga hills. write me down as "he loves the moraga hills."

sixty second break is over.

At 20 September, 2006 19:27, Anonymous kaya said...

I guess I meant that I think the school is ugly; not the architecture but the, I don't know, the atmosphere. The faculty's not bad. The hills are nice. I climbed up to the Jesus cross above the school many times.

I did my MFA there and taught there for four years, until they laid me off.

At 20 September, 2006 22:59, Blogger John Sakkis said...

hey kaya,

just noticed that you did your mfa there (nice page)...so, okay, you get to call it whatever you want...

i did my mfa at naropa and i call it ugly all the time...

we should all get drinks...



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