07 February 2007

TONIGHT! Aaron Kunin Wednesday February 7th 6:30pm The Maude Fife Room Wheeler Hall Holloway Series in Poetry with Jill Richards


At 07 February, 2007 08:04, Blogger John Sakkis said...

damn. if i was jill richards i'd feel moted as all hell...

At 07 February, 2007 08:30, Blogger koakes said...

This flyer is very confusing; is Kunin being annointed by rats? Wheeler Hall does have a rodent problem, but I didn't know they liked jewelry.

JS: "Moted" is total bay area slang. I'm having junior high flashbacks!

At 07 February, 2007 08:41, Blogger CLAY BANES said...

is moted like emoted?

and speaking of slang, when did to emote change from excessive, theatrical display of emotion to just emotion (and perhaps sincerity)?

or have i just not drunk my coffee?

At 07 February, 2007 12:40, Blogger koakes said...

Moted is embarrased or ashamed. It used to be "molded" but mutated over time.

Someone we know has been saying "eems" for "emo", which seems to be used only for guys in bands. Emote, emo, eems... soon we'll just say "eee".

At 08 February, 2007 09:15, Blogger John Sakkis said...

ka: i always thought it came from "(de)moted"...as in, you just got clowned so hard you are now officially demoted...

and yeah, the only time i realize how ingrained bay area slang is in my diction is when i leave the bay area and people don't really know what i'm talking about...


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