28 June 2007

The LABThe 2007 Bay Area Poetry Marathon

Curated by Donna de la Perriere & Joseph Lease

Saturday, June 30, 7-9 PM
Polly Conway, Diane DiPrima, Sara Lihz Dobel, Camille Dungy, Israel Haros, Paul Hoover.
Saturday, July 28, 7-9 PM
Albert Flynn De Silver, Noah Eli Gordon, Lyn Hejinian, Jane Miller, Rusty Morrison, Jessica Wickens.
Saturday, August 25, 7-9 PM
Edward Foster, Judith Goldman, Andrew Joron, Dana Teen Lomax, Denise Newman, Lisa Robertson.
$3-$15 sliding scale admission

From its inception during the summer of 2001, the Boston Poetry Marathon developed a national reputation among experimental poets. An annual weekend-long event, it featured approximately 40 readers (poets primarily but also artists from mixed genres). Everyone, from the distinguished poetic elder to the excited emerging poet, read for 20 minutes each. Boston Marathon readers included Charles Bernstein, Maxine Chernoff, Norma Cole, Robert Creeley, Forrest Gander, Laura Mullen, David Shapiro, Tom Sleigh, Cole Swensen, and many others. When co-founders / co-curators Donna de la Perriere and Joseph Lease moved to the Bay Area in 2003, they moved the Poetry Marathon to San Francisco. A tremendous success, the 2004, 2005, and 2006 Bay Area Poetry Marathons took place as four day long events at The LAB. This year, poets from across the U.S. and the Bay Area join together again to celebrate innovative poetry in a series of readings throughout the summer at The LAB. Come join us to hear this year's exciting line-up!



At 28 June, 2007 20:43, Blogger Chad Vogler said...

Well, I'm glad I'll be there for the last one, at least. I'm also glad that they've redefined a marathon as an event which occurs once a month, as I can now claim that my sporadic running schedule fits snugly within the aforementioned category. Sweet.

At 03 July, 2007 11:42, Blogger CLAY BANES said...

a marathon is a run between two greek cities.

At 04 July, 2007 22:14, Blogger Chad Vogler said...

or a late night benefit for Jerry's Kids.


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