01 June 2007

Barnes & Noble closes Berkeley Shattuck Avenue Pegasus Books Downtown
The Barnes Ignoble across the street was open its last day yesterday, and today the demolition has already begun.

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At 04 June, 2007 09:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ding dong! did you really beat them into submission? i suppose that's what happens when david rides the pegasus in the syncretic city of Philip K. Dick.

At 08 June, 2007 20:28, Blogger Glenn Ingersoll said...

demolition? like, they're gonna tear the building down? or ... they're gonna rip their name off its face ... maybe that's all. I don't think they should ever allow books in there again. maybe make it an internet surf shop with silver boards that lurch and dip in the store while you ride it wearing your vr goggles. whatever happened to vr goggles? aren't we all supposed to be wearing them to read our books?


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