11 June 2007


UPDATE: Suggestions to complete map loved and needed. Please send them to map@poets.org.

POETS.ORG CALIFORNIA PEGASUS BOOKS DOWNTOWNPoets.org has launched a National Poetry Map listing events and poetry-friendly bookstores.
The page for California is here.
Despite my working myself to the bone for spittle, I'm not on it.

If you or someone you love feels this is an omission, please help.


At 09 June, 2007 13:33, Blogger adam said...

Hey, and I'm not on the NY page, despite everything.

Some of the stores that ARE there don't deserve to be...

At 09 June, 2007 14:18, Blogger CLAY BANES said...

some of the stores are was.

At 09 June, 2007 18:52, Blogger The New Reading Series at 21 Grand said...

Come on guys, that shit doesn't stand for anything. How do you think SPT feels, or Mills College. On the other hand St Mary's is sure well represented. Is that in California?

At 10 June, 2007 03:20, Blogger CLAY BANES said...


At 10 June, 2007 06:22, Blogger The New Reading Series at 21 Grand said...

Hmm all you want. I'm just saying: Places where poetry is on the move are bound by their/its (low-lying, contingent) nature to escape the notice of entities like "poets.com" until years after the fact. That doesn't mean the good work of Adam's Books and Pegasus Downtown isn't appreciated. It means that poetry tourists with their fistsful of dollars will have a harder time finding them, which oh yeah I see the problem now.

At 10 June, 2007 07:06, Blogger The New Reading Series at 21 Grand said...

And please don't mistake New Yipes for haters. We know perfectly well where St. Mary's and its Soda Center are located. Just suprised to see it ranked in 3 out of 4 statewide categories is all. Maybe someone on staff had a hand in that. But plenty of great writers come out of there. How many of your readers know that New Narrative co-originator Bruce Boone was a St. Mary's grad? Or that New Yipes was named after New Narrative? Q.E.D.

A little embarrassing to be caught awake at this hour on a Sunday. Don't worry folks, we haven't slept all week.

At 10 June, 2007 11:39, Blogger CLAY BANES said...

double hmm. thanks for all the additional iinformation.

now let's talk about me again.


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