20 July 2007


This month ! Back Room Live Presents ! Writing Artists ! Blake Ellington Larson ! Vicki Hudson ! Jenny Drai ! and Janet W. Hardy ! Saturday Night July 28th ! McNallys Irish Pub ! 7pm ! 5352 College Ave ! Oakland

Janet W. Hardy has lost count of her careers, but the last one was as a sex writer/educator ("The Ethical Slut," "The Compleat Spanker," "Radical Ecstasy"), and her next one, she hopes, will be as a wealthy and beloved author and college professor. Toward that end, she is halfway through her MFA program in Creative Nonfiction at St. Mary's.

Jenny Drai grew up near Chicago but spent several years in Munich before settling on Oakland. Her poetry has appeared in Five Fingers Review, 580 Split, The Tiny, and Spinning Jenny. She has just finished her first novel. Her novel is roughly 290 pp, has line breaks, but almost no commas.

When not writing, Vicki Hudson spends her time as an urban farmer and Magic: the Gathering collectible card player, both alternate potential career paths if this writing thing doesn't work out. She lives in the East Bay with partner, dog and 4 cats.

Blake Ellington Larson began writing poetry at the age of eleven. For five years out of high school he and a close friend created Picaresque, an art zine. His first and only published poem "She Slows It Down In Me" was printed in Wordworks. He just finished his first chapbook Live-In Dreams. He lives and thrives in Oakland Ca.


So that's,
Sat. July 28th at 7pm
McNally's Irish Pub
5352 College Ave
Oakland, CA 94618
(510) 654-9463
Minutes from the Rockrige BART Station and on the 51 bus line



At 20 July, 2007 09:05, Blogger rodney k said...

Good god! McNally's is doing readings now? What next? A rock club in Oakland?

At 20 July, 2007 09:52, Blogger koakes said...

I think my dad's ghost and the ghosts of all the other Irishmen who lived at McNally's are grumbling about being left alone to drink in peace.

And, Rodney, rock in Oakland? Really now. Let's not encourage it.


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