01 July 2007

I Shouldn't Have, but I Did

A guy wrote on Yelp:
I wanted to support the independent bookstores, I did! Honest!

But Pegasus Books let me down.

Not much of a selection, and many of the books are in poor condition, but selling for a normal price. The science section is not very large, yet somehow, the store manages to find room for dozens of books on metaphysics?

The heavy rap music playing in the background doesn't help me concentrate on reading, either.

Perhaps Pegasus will become better in the future. I will definitely check back...
I can't really say anything about the rap music. We get to play whatever we want, and some of my colleagues forget what might rile some people shopping for books. I checked the guy's other reviews and learnt he thought Barnes Ignoble was the bee's knees ("I see no reason not to like Barnes & Noble"), but even there he was unable with the condition of some of the books.

So I wrote him a note of clarification, however inappropriate doing so felt to me: Pegasus sells used books.

He wrote back:
I know, I saw that, but they were selling for the same price as brand-new books.
I wrote back explaining the prices of the used books were penciled in on the top right corner of the first white page. So he changed his two-star review to three.

What I should have done: not been bothered.

The End


At 01 July, 2007 14:59, Blogger Tao Lin said...

that was funny


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