29 April 2008


At 29 April, 2008 14:52, Blogger Logan Ryan Smith said...

Clay, yr first clue should have been:

"As an old 'Mats fan..."

Uh, who the fuck are the 'Mats? I thought he was talking about a Replacements tape. If he had to shorten it for hippness, he could have at least said 'Ments.

I repeat, who the fuck are the 'Mats???

First clue.

At 29 April, 2008 15:08, Blogger Dorothea Lasky said...

Dear Clay,

Oh no, you didn't hear he died over a year ago?! The funeral was lovely.

Hugs from your friend,

At 29 April, 2008 23:51, Blogger CLAY BANES said...

Logan: Because you're handsome and young, you don't remember the Replacements were indeed called the Mats. I never called them the Mats. I have never had trouble saying long words. For instance, I always say Burger King."BK" makes me cringe.

Dottie: Another tragedy. Even if he did deserve to die, even if he was untouched by my kindness etc., was he not a, you know, whatchamacallit?

I'm going to eat a container of something and go to bed.

At 30 April, 2008 11:58, Blogger Dorothea Lasky said...

Dear Clay and Logan,

I don't like abbreviations either. When I was a freshman in college and people used "polysci" for political science, I wanted to slap them. Likewise, when people substitute "po" for poetry, I often cringe so deeply that my body folds over into a ball. But who knows, I am probably too old school and need to wake up to the ways of the world.

It is a shame that Andrew had to die. He had some good qualities. For example, he always had a compliment to give. And as well, he had such a nice family home. After the funeral, his wife and I went flying in a little plane and watched the birds coursing through the air around the hills of his land. She is such a generous woman. A free spirit, as they say. Very pretty, too.

Which reminds me, have you tried asking her if she has the tape?


At 30 April, 2008 15:27, Blogger Logan Ryan Smith said...


I like the Replacements, though. I totally have a ton of their albums on MP3!

And I'm glad to discover that Dorothea is into dark humor. For a second there I felt bad for making snide comments about Mr. Whatshisname.


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