19 May 2008

My days are numbered.
Hello. Often this blog is not straightforward. I am leaving Pegasus Books, which has been wonderful and kind to me, to take all of myself rapidly across town to Small Press Distribution, where, go figure, they think need me. I knew I needed them approximately ages ago. My last night at Pegasus is June 13. Please come.


At 19 May, 2008 08:35, Blogger Mike Young said...

You are the light of my life.

You will do things of much glory at SPD.

At 19 May, 2008 09:05, Blogger Tao Lin said...

this seems good

At 19 May, 2008 10:29, Blogger bjanepr said...

This is good indeed. SPD is an awesome org. Congratulations!

At 19 May, 2008 11:14, Blogger llllllmmmm said...

Congrats! You have no idea how sad this makes the Pegasus experience. Now I will have to hound you at SPD. Open Houses Por Vida!

At 20 May, 2008 11:10, Blogger Logan Ryan Smith said...

good news for you. bad news for pegasus.

At 20 May, 2008 13:50, Blogger Sky Jack Morgan said...

I will cry every time I slink past the store.
The world of poetry will never be the same.

At 21 May, 2008 15:12, Blogger Jammon said...

It's about time those poetry industry headhunters got off their asses and headhunted a nice, round and curly head.


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