08 July 2008

Probably only two people read this blog closely enough to notice EYEBALL™ has been slightly sidetracked. I started working last week at SPD, which is wonderful, yet I haven't had a new job in a long time and the environment, the pace and the hours are utterly different from the bookstore. Also it's summer. And it's hot. There's been a lot of staring at a computer screen, managing data that are poetry, quietly, if you pay attention and remind yourself occasionally. I'm used to delicately holding the spine of a book, flipping through it and scanning its front and back covers, its table of contents, its index, all the data your eye can find and your fingers can follow. Also the nose report. My eyes are strained, but that's light for you. All in the service of carrying the flag for ink.

Godspeed to Josh and Shiloh. I miss you already.

Saving me on my new, long commute: Roberto Bolaño.


At 09 July, 2008 10:17, Blogger Jack Morgan said...

I miss Pegasus and you.
So exciting that you're doing something new, though.

Du bist ein unglaubliche Kerl!


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