30 September 2008

Do you really think Sarah's been listening to Joe Biden since 1972?

Does she seem like she'd have been that kind of second-grader?

(I started the second grade in 1972 and can scarcely remember any of it, just Vietnam on TV, Nixon, and my proud commonwealth voting for McGovern.)

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At 30 September, 2008 15:23, Blogger Unknown said...

I just laughed so hard some spit came out. In second grade, I was having a crush on my teacher, and I am about 4,000% more informed than Palin. So, no. Have you heard them calling her Caribou Barbie? It's so good.

At 30 September, 2008 16:44, Blogger CLAY BANES said...

I'm relishing my anticipation for Thursday night.


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