16 September 2008


  1. You Are a Little Bit Happier Than I Am by Tao Lin (Action Books)

  2. Lyric Postmoderisms: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetries edited by Reginald Shepherd (Counterpath Press)

  3. Complete Minimal Poems by Aram Saroyan (Ugly Duckling Presse)

  4. The Balloonists by Eula Biss (Hanging Loose Presse)

  5. The Transformation by Juliana Spahr (Atelos)

  6. Whim Man Mammom by Abraham Smith (Action Books)

  7. I, Afterlife: Essay in Mourning Time by Kristin Prevallet (Essay Press)

  8. Ballad of Jamie Allan by Tom Pickard (Flood Editions)

  9. Night Scenes by Lisa Jarnot (Flood Editions)

  10. Ajax by Sophocles, translated by John Tipton (Flood Editions)

  11. The Battlefield Where the Moon Says I Love You by Frank Stanford (Lost Roads Publishers)

  12. The Man Suit by Zachary Schomburg (Black Ocean)

  13. Dementia Blog by Susan M. Schultz (Singing Horse Press)

  14. Vaudeville by Allyssa Wolf (Otis Books/Seismicity Editions)

  15. Crystallography by Christian Bök (Coach House Books)

  16. Newcomer Can't Swim by Renee Gladman (Kelsey Street Press)

  17. Telescope by Sandy Florian (Action Books)

  18. Dear Ra (A Story in Flinches) by Johannes Göransson (Starcherone Books)

  19. Jubilee by Roxane Beth Johnson (Anhinga Press)

  20. The Evolution of a Sigh by R. Zamora Linmark (Hanging Loose Press)

  21. Incubation: A Space for Monsters by Bhanu Kapil (Leon Works)

  22. A Communion of Saints by Meg Withers (Tinfish Press)

  23. Mahcic by Tomas Riley (Calaca Press)

  24. Oulipo Compendium (Revised Edition) edited by Harry Matthews & Alastair Brotchie (Make Now Press)

  25. Radi Os by Ronald Johnson (Flood Editions)

  26. Eunoia by Christian Bök (Coach House Books)

  27. Necessary Stranger by Graham Foust (Flood Editions)

  28. Brief Under Water by Cyrus Console (Burning Deck Press)

  29. Ronald Johnson: Life and Works by Ronald Johnson (National Poetry Foundation)

  30. Unraveling the Bed by Mia Leonin (Anhinga Press)


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Iga Wyrwal
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Iga Wyrwal
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