21 October 2008

Behind the R GINA MYERS ypolita press
Sunday night I visited Books & Bookshelves at 99 Sanchez in San Francisco for the first time. Its poetry collection is one of the world's seven wonders, no hype. If you have any means to do so, go there. I found Gina Myers's new chapbook, Behind the R from ypolita press, which I hadn't even known existed as I've been crud on the internets lately (and was doubtless happier for it, empirically). The best surfers will be similarly stunned. Prepare yourself particularly for the out-of-print at bygone in-print prices (when gas was a buck and change, for instance, if you remember). Books & Bookshelves hosts a boffo reading series (tonight: Stephanie Young and Bill Luoma), and they've got an everything-20%-off fall clearance going on at the moment. I'm stomping my feet. Get there.

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At 21 October, 2008 13:54, Blogger carrie hunter said...

Thanks! Bout time you opened your eyes!

At 21 October, 2008 14:56, Blogger CLAY BANES said...

I've been drowsing. Apologies.

I was so happy to find it and buy it, just like a real person!

At 21 October, 2008 15:26, Blogger Steven Fama said...


I feel bad -- I'd of mentioned this to you awhile ago but thought you knew about it.

The stock changes too, so going back is rx'ed.

And in addition to the books -- bookshelves!

At 22 October, 2008 09:08, Blogger bird feet said...

There are not so many good bookshops around here. There are a few second-hand stores, the types that have many volumes of illustrations of ships and bayonets and such. No poetry to speak of; however, a Hungarian poet and translator that I saw the other night spoke for quite a while about Zbigniew Herbert, and then cruelly taunted us with talk of a symposium next week on Herbert...in Krakow. Disappointment! I see you are as election-mad as ever. I am anxious.

At 22 October, 2008 23:51, Blogger llllllmmmm said...

I am so excited about this. I wish I could have gone to that reading but Lyn cannot be circumvented.


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