01 January 2010


Which books are you most looking forward to?

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At 02 January, 2010 01:07, Blogger Tao Lin said...

ben lerner's 'mean free path,' zachary german's 'eat when you feel sad,' noah cicero's 'the insurgent,' new michael earl craig

At 02 January, 2010 08:21, Blogger CLAY BANES said...

Just added a video of Lerner reading from his forthcoming here.

New Michael Earl Craig?

At 04 January, 2010 09:00, Blogger Jordan said...

Ange Mlinko's Shoulder Season. Gary Lenhart's Another Look.

At 04 February, 2010 14:42, Blogger CLAY BANES said...

Shoulder Season.

New Earl Craig from Wave Fall 10.

Lerner available NOW.


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