27 January 2007

Samson W. Gave Me One Star

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I'm "the guy."

Because I always say something like, "sorry I can't use any of these today," and I always say the same things to people, and tell the same jokes, by "which suck big time," Samson W. must have meant it sucked that I couldn't buy any.

I feel terrible.

Before I learnt about this and felt terrible (I still feel terrible) I felt great because I was feeling great and fresh copies of Black Clock 6 had just come in.


At 27 January, 2007 23:29, Blogger Mike Young said...

New jokes are overrated. Don't feel terrible. Go on brush your shoulders off.

At 28 January, 2007 13:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"even if he doesn't buy your books, the guy at the counter is cute"

I think that pretty much cancels out anything bad. Personally I am kind of excited to start receiving student feedback forms.

Oh hey -- rhubarb review of Roberto's book online. Another good call!


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