30 August 2007

EDITOR'S INTRODUCTION<br />By Eileen Tabios<br /><br /><br />NEW REVIEWS<br />Jessica Bozek reviews AFTER YOU, DEAREST LANGUAGE by Marisol Limon Martinez<br /><br />Nicholas Manning reviews POEM FOR THE END OF TIME AND OTHER POEMS by Noelle Kocot<br /><br />Eileen Tabios engages THE STEAM SEQUENCE by Carly Sachs<br /><br />Brian Strang reviews BROKEN WORLD by Joseph Lease<br /><br />Brenda Iijima reviews A HALF-RED SEA by Evie Shockley<br /><br />Patrick James Dunagan reviews A FIDDLE PULLED FROM THE THROAT OF A SPARROW by Noah Eli Gordon<br /><br />Nicholas Grider reviews INSECT COUNTRY (A), INSECT COUNTRY (B), and the INSECT TUTELAGE BLOG by Sawako Nakayasu<br /><br />Patrick James Dunagan reviews TRAFFIC: A PUBLICATION OF SMALL PRESS TRAFFIC, ISSUES 1 AND 2, (2005-2007) edited by Elizabeth Treadwell<br /><br />Teresa Carmody reviews [one love affair]* by Jenny Boully<br /><br />John Bloomberg-Rissman reviews THE BODY ACHES and NOT EVEN DOGS by Ernesto Priego<br /><br />Nicholas Grider reviews NETS by Jen Bervin<br /><br />Patrick James Dunagan reviews HOUSE ORGAN #58 Win/Spr ’07 edited by Kenneth Warren<br /><br />Nicholas Manning reviews GUESTS OF SPACE by Anselm Hollo<br /><br />Rochita Loenen-Ruiz reviews THE GODS WE WORSHIP LIVE NEXT DOOR by Bino A. Realuyo<br /><br />Jennifer Bartlett reviews THE SECOND CHILD by Deborah Garrison<br /><br />Eileen Tabios engages BROKEN/OPEN by Jill Jones<br /><br />Laurel Johnson reviews THE ELEPHANT HOUSE by Claudia Carlson<br /><br />Alysha Wood reviews a(A)ugust by Akilah Oliver, with collages by Brenda Iijima<br /><br />Eileen Tabios engages BELLUM LETTERS by Michelle Detorie<br /><br />Steve Halle reviews POSIT by Adam Fieled<br /><br />Paul Klinger reviews THE BOOK OF OCEAN BY Maryrose Larkin<br /><br />Michelle Detorie reviews BIRDS AND FANCIES by Elizabeth Treadwell<br /><br />Eileen Tabios engages ERRATUM to and including A SPY IN THE HOUSE OF YEARS (LEVIATHAN PRESS, 2001) by Giles Goodland <br /><br />Craig Santos Perez reviews NAMES ABOVE HOUSES by Oliver de la Paz<br /><br />Christopher Mulrooney reviews OSIP MANDELSTAM: NEW TRANSLATIONS edited by Ilya Bernstein<br /><br />Craig Santos Perez reviews ANYWHERE AVENUE by Oscar Bermeo<br /><br />Christopher Mulrooney reviews STIGMATA ERRATA ETCETERA by Bill Knott, with collages by Star Black <br /><br />Nicholas Grider reviews THE STATES, Vols. 1 and 2 by Craig Foltz, designed and edited by designed and edited by Ellie Ga, and with photographs by William Gillespie, Justin Ulmer, Martin Bland, Sabra Cox, Kristina Del Pino, Simona Schneider, Florence Neal, Jon Ciliberto, Stephen Mead, Christa HOlka, Don Goede, Lyn Lifshin, Shelton Walsmith, Marie Kazalia, Rebekah Travis, Lara Khalil, Tracy Lee Carroll, Jennifer Stahl, Barbara Henning, Jade Doskow, David McConeghy, Jared Zimmerman, Alice Arnold, Robert Matson, Mary Wrenn, Julia Marta Clapp, Tina Burton, Jim Simandl, Philip Metres, Chris Hampton, Hayley Barker, Thomas Ciufo, Meredyth Sparks, Shannon Shaper, Renae Morehead, Ryn Gargulinski, Robert S. Dunn, Jen Hofer, David Gatten, Jerilyn Myran, Shara Shisheboran, Courtney Fischer, ARiana Smart Truman, Tod Seelie, David W. Lee, Katherine McDowell, Mike Mahaffie, Willile Baronet, Karen Lillis, Paul Yoo, Justin Simonsen and Elizabeth Willis.<br /><br />Beatriz Tabios engages BRIDGEABLE SHORES: SELECTED POEMS (1969-2001) by Luis Cabalquinto<br /><br />Carlos Hiraldo reviews THE SALESMAN'S SHOES by James Roderick Burns<br /><br />Nicholas Manning reviews FOLLY by Nada Gordon<br /><br />Alysha Wood reviews trespasses by Padcha Tuntha-obas<br /><br />Kristin Berkey-Abbott reviews THE MCSWEENEY BOOK OF POETS PICKING POETS edited by Dominic Lumford<br /><br />Joe LeClerc reviews THE ENEMY SELF: POETRY & CRITICISM OF LAURA RIDING edited by Barbara Adams<br /><br />Hugh Fox reviews LIBIDO DREAMS: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS by Glenna Luschei<br /><br />Laurel Johnson reviews THE MOUNTAIN IN THE SEA by Victor Hernandez Cruz<br /><br />Craig Santos Perez reviews THE WIND SHIFTS: NEW LATINO POETRY edited by Francisco Aragon<br /><br />Kristin Berkey-Abbott reviews PUNK POEMS by John Burgess<br /><br />Julie R. Enszer Reviews SUGARING by Ann Cefola<br /><br />Julie R. Enszer Reviews TEAHOUSE OF THE ALMIGHTY by Patricia Smith<br /><br />Julie R. Enszer Reviews CINEPHRASTICS by Kathleen Ossip<br /><br />Julie R. Enszer Reviews THE PARAGON by Kathrine Varnes<br /><br />Julie R. Enszer Reviews KALI’S BLADE by Michelle Bautista<br /><br />Julie R. Enszer Reviews three books by Rochelle Ratner: QUARRY, COMBING THE WAVES, and PRACTICING TO BE A WOMAN <br /><br /><br />FEATURE ARTICLES<br />Objections to the Beauty-Object: A Reading of Two Poems by Barbara Guest by Catherine Wagner<br /><br />The Ocean At Night: An Inside Look at the Poetry Process by Aimee Celino Nezhukumatathil<br /><br /><br />FROM OFFLINE TO ONLINE: REPRINTED REVIEWS<br />Catherine Wagner reviews 19 VARIETIES OF GAZELLE: POEMS OF THE MIDDLE EAST by Naomi Shihab Nye and EMAILS FROM SCHEHEREZAD by Mohja Kahf<br /><br />Catherine Wagner reviews CATALOGUE OF COMEDIC NOVELTIES: SELECTED POEMS by Lev Rubinstein, Translated by Philip Metres and Tatiana Tulchinsky<br /><br />Catherine Wagner engages four books by Alice Notley: DISOBEDIENCE, MARGARET AND DUSTY, MYSTERIES OF SMALL HOUSES and SELECTED POEMS<br /><br /><br />ADVERTISEMENT<br />Poetry Feeds The World!<br /><br /><br />BACK COVER <br />Winepoetics!


Things to do instead of blogging on Blogger:
  1. Comb your hair.
  2. Lend your comb to a friend to comb her hair.
  3. Boil prepared fruit and strain.

I am a bad blogger this week, a bad, bad blogger.

28 August 2007

Whatever you read elsewhere, please remember:

I've been busy thinking about Bill Saluga.

27 August 2007

Esther Press #1

I'm a fan: Anna Moschovakis at every other day.


Owen, Alberto. Morning balmOwen Wilson suicide Gonzales resigns absent magazine 2

25 August 2007

24 August 2007

New from Wave Books

No Real Light by Joe Wenderoth WAVE BOOKSAWE by Dorothea Lasky WAVE BOOKS



first-book interview at every other day

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23 August 2007

Jeff T. Johnson

Jeff T. Johnson interviewed by Kate Greenstreet The Record Room

Dana Ward, Alli Warren & David Larsen

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everyone in the room is a representative of the world at large — catherine wagner

Everyone in the Room is a Representative of the World at Large<br />a chapbook by Catherine Wagner Bonfire Press




22 August 2007

Lisa Robertson added to the Tuesday, November 6th reading with Joseph Lease.

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The post title's just to get the hit count up.

TOMORROW NIGHT: Dana Ward, Alli Warren, and David Larsen. Hosted by me in a plunging V-neck T-shirt in beautiful downtown Berkeley.

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WHY I AM WHITE Mathias Svalina Kitchen Press
Why I Am White
by Mathias Svalina

Now availabe from Kitchen Press.



21 August 2007

Gloria Frym added to the Saturday, October 13 reading with Chady Sweeney and Ethan Paqun.

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20 August 2007


get with it, wouldja, huh?

I'm not spending enough time on Facebook.

19 August 2007

The LABThe 2007 Bay Area Poetry Marathon

Curated by Donna de la Perriere & Joseph Lease

Saturday, August 25, 7-9 PM
Edward Foster, Judith Goldman, Andrew Joron, Dana Teen Lomax, Denise Newman, Lisa Robertson.
$3-$15 sliding scale admission

From its inception during the summer of 2001, the Boston Poetry Marathon developed a national reputation among experimental poets. An annual weekend-long event, it featured approximately 40 readers (poets primarily but also artists from mixed genres). Everyone, from the distinguished poetic elder to the excited emerging poet, read for 20 minutes each. Boston Marathon readers included Charles Bernstein, Maxine Chernoff, Norma Cole, Robert Creeley, Forrest Gander, Laura Mullen, David Shapiro, Tom Sleigh, Cole Swensen, and many others. When co-founders / co-curators Donna de la Perriere and Joseph Lease moved to the Bay Area in 2003, they moved the Poetry Marathon to San Francisco. A tremendous success, the 2004, 2005, and 2006 Bay Area Poetry Marathons took place as four day long events at The LAB. This year, poets from across the U.S. and the Bay Area join together again to celebrate innovative poetry in a series of readings throughout the summer at The LAB. Come join us to hear this year's exciting line-up!



JOYELLE MCSWEENEY'S NYLUND, THE SARCOGRAPHER Tarpaulin Sky Press Joyelle McSweeney is the author of The Red Bird and The Commandrine and Other Poems, both from Fence. She is a co-founder and co-editor of Action Books and Action, Yes, a press and web quarterly for international writing and hybrid forms. She writes regular reviews for Rain Taxi, The Constant Critic, and other venues and teaches in the MFA Program at Notre Dame. Her next book will be the science fiction novel Flet, forthcoming from Fence in 2008.


18 August 2007

Kate Greenstreet's first-book interview with Alex Lemon (OCT. 15 ⇒).


17 August 2007

New Effing Press Titles



MATTHEA HARVEY Nov. 13 @ Poetry Flash


In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni

Starsdown Jasper Bernes In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni PEGASUS BOOKS DOWNTOWN Guy Debord

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16 August 2007



I've got mind-blindness!

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15 August 2007

COMING IN OCTOBER  New DVD The Other Side of The Mirror: Bob Dylan at The Newport Folk Festival, 1963-1965.

STAN APPS refried ORACLE phone new address Tampa


Zolf done.


ACT scores Karl Rove Dennis Hastert Apple John Lennon iTunes Phil Rizzuto Don Imus Brooke Astor TLC David Lee Roth Xbox 360 Leevi Lehto Tiger Woods

14 August 2007

Area Sneaks: From the swell mob, we diverge to the kindred topics of cracksmen, fences, public-house dancers, area-sneaks, designing young people who go out ‘gonophing,’ and other ‘schools.’ <br />–Charles Dickens<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />Copyright © 2007 Area Sneaks. All rights revert to authors and artists upon publication.<br /><br />Editors<br />Joseph Mosconi and Rita Gonzalez<br /><br />Journal and Logo Design<br />Christopher Russell<br /><br />Web Design<br />Allison Carter<br /><br />Area Sneaks is based in Los Angeles, CA. Please send all correspondance to info@areasneaks.com.


Schedule is filling up for the fall (), and as the readings are all free, I think I can objectively say you're excited.

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Three readings in the coming days:

THURSDAY: Poets Tony Trigilio and Andrew Demcak
SATURDAY: Fold Magazine with Mark Wallace, K. Lorraine Graham, William Moor, Franklin Bruno, and Matthew Timmons.
SUNDAY: 33 1/3's Kate Schatz, Douglas Wolk, and Shawn Taylor.


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13 August 2007

Merv Griffin had all that money in his later life and could have come out and told everybody who didn't like it to fuck off.

Flood News

Dear Friends:

I am writing with summer news from Flood Editions:

ROBERT ADAMSON's The Goldfinches of Baghdad has won The Age Poetry Prize, awarded by Australia's leading newspaper. It has also been short-listed for The Queensland's Premier's Poetry Award, The Victorian Premier's Poetry Prize, and The Age Book of the Year.

TOM PICKARD's Ballad of Jamie Allan is forthcoming in October. Reliable sources describe the book as follows: Tom Pickard's Ballad of Jamie Allan recounts the true adventures of an eighteenth-century gypsy musician who lived on the English-Scottish Borders and died in Durham jail, serving a life sentence for stealing a horse. Though once patronized by dukes and earls, Allan lost their support as his wayward behavior began to exceed their own. Drawing on newspaper accounts and court depositions, Pickard brings the ballad tradition of stark reportage to life with his own genius for the form. Through the words of his cohorts and contemporaries, Allan emerges as a spirit of the Borders, that wild and historically lawless region where rivers and fells set the stage for his captures and escapes.

Pickard will be reading from Ballad of Jamie Allan across the U.S.A. in September of 2008.

LISA JARNOT's Black Dog Songs is now in its third printing. Her new book of poetry will be out at the end of the year.

FOR MORE INFORMATION and updates, check our web site (which will be redesigned and expanded soon): http://www.floodeditions.com/

Best Wishes,
Devin Johnston


Check out Princess of the World in Love by Stan Apps from Cy Press.

Today's balm: "Thank fucking God that's over."

Fidel Castro Karl Rove I feel splendid


12 August 2007



11 August 2007


Langnese Nogger Choc mit knackigem Nougatcreme-Kern

State Line Potato Chips

kicking wind every day

10 August 2007

As near as I can tell (and really, what do I know?), the 50,000th bot or human clicked here from in or around Pleasanton, California, on a Macintosh browsing with Firefox at 15:53 today.

To celebrate, I'm eating curry and tofu and peas without you.

  1. If you stretch your legs and point your toes, you can reach the weekend.
  2. Four Lectures apparently down.
  3. One of you twenty who click here often will soon mark this blog's 50,000th visit.

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09 August 2007

Somebody called somebody a top-cut bun, which I think is uncalled for.

08 August 2007

One of the coolest people I know is looking for shared housing in Brooklyn starting in late August. If you have any leads, drop a comment or backchannel me at claybanes at gmail dat com, and I'll pass along the info. She's about to start grad school at Columbia. I and about a hundred thousand other people can attest to her awesomeness and she's dang pretty too.

Paul Greengrass The Bourne Ultimatum


Site Meter

Fifty thousand looms. Or is it loams.


This is inside baseball, or whatyecallit. To the readers who care or my colleagues who may become compelled to care, mongering, the Booker longlist:
Darkmans by Nicola Barker (4th Estate)
Self Help by Edward Docx (Picador)
The Gift Of Rain by Tan Twan Eng (Myrmidon)
The Gathering by Anne Enright (Jonathan Cape)
The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid (Hamish Hamilton)
The Welsh Girl by Peter Ho Davies (Sceptre)
Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones (John Murray)
Gifted by Nikita Lalwani (Viking)
On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan (Jonathan Cape)
What Was Lost by Catherine O’Flynn (Tindal Street)
Consolation by Michael Redhill (William Heinemann)
Animal’s People by Indra Sinha (Simon & Schuster
Winnie & Wolf by A.N.Wilson (Hutchinson)


07 August 2007

i paid.

tao lin announces a new form of poetry to replace flarf.


Dondi Gus Edson Gladys Cedar Russell Edson moolah The Gumps

Prosody Castle II, second installment of an on-going reading series<br />is going on this Friday (8/10). Looking at poems for multiple voices<br />this time, including work from Bruce Andrews, JD Mitchell-Lumsden,<br />Elizaebth Anderson and William Moor/Jeremy Thompson, performed by a<br />cast of locals. Last reading was a lot of fun and a good mixed crowd<br />of literati and non. Come if you can<br /><br />Gallery of Urban Art- 1746 13th st. @ Wood, West Oakland<br />8pm<br />free, $4 for beer Saturday, August 18, 2007 • Berkeley<br />Martin Luther King, Jr. Civic Center Park<br />One block west of Downtown Berkeley BART<br /><br /> featuring<br /><br />Rober Hass<br />Michael McClure<br />with saxophonist<br />George Brooks<br />Sandra Alcosser<br />Rebecca Solnit<br />Maya Khosla<br />Music by Toad Pink


Lily Allen's Visa revoked; Jack Morgan at 3:AM.

Mr. Tong Bliss is interested.

The Burning Chair Readings Fall 2007

@ The Fall Café, Fridays 7:30 PM
August 17th - Michael Robins & Dara Wier
September 14th - David Goldstein & Genya Turovskaya
October 12th - Joseph Bradshaw & Ken Rumble
Nov. 16th - Paige Ackerson-Kiely, Lily Brown & Elizabeth Robinson

@ Jimmy’s No. 43 Stage, 8 PM
August 31st - Frank Sherlock & David Shapiro
September 28th - Dorothea Lasky & Laura Solomon
October 26th - Cynthia Cruz & Karla Kelsey
November 30th - Maureen Alsop & Jean Valentine


05 August 2007

How are you feeling?

04 August 2007



On Translation
by Linh Dinh

What’s in a Translated Name, and What Isn’t (at Least in the Japanese Case)?
by Joel Cohn

"A Little Practical Arithmetic": Natural Language Processing and the Sport of Translation
by John Zuern

Review: Four from Japan: Contemporary Poetry and Essays by Women
by Goro Takano, Sawako Nakayasu, editor

Reading across Fields. An Italian Americanist looks at Hawai‘i
by Donatella Izzo

What's in a Word?
by Reina Whaitiri

Islas de los Ladrones
Preface to the translations of Y Salmo Sija
Salmo 1

by Craig Perez


03 August 2007


Not me.

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Service is waning.


02 August 2007


I HAVE IMAGINED A CENTER // WILDER THAN THIS REGION: A TRIBUTE TO SUSAN HOWE Edited by Sarah Campbell Cuneiform Press Contributors include: Nathan Austin, Sarah Campbell, Barbara Cole, Richard Deming, Thom Donovan, Logan Esdale, Zack Finch, Graham Foust, Benjamin Friedlander, Peter Gizzi, Jena Osman, Kyle Schlesinger, Jonathan Skinner, Juliana Spahr, Sasha Steensen, and Elizabeth Willis. Edited by Sarah Campbell with an introduction by Neil SchmitzWhat Began Us Melissa Buzzeo Leon WorksComplete Minimal Poems ARAM SAROYAN Ugly Duckling Presse


Kunkel on Walser.


01 August 2007



translated by Matvei Yankelevich
Overlook Press

Banes is genuinely excited.

Poetry Center Calendar<br />SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2007<br />more at http://www.sfsu.edu/~poetry<br /> <br /><br />Monday SEPT 3: the Labor Archives, SFSU, presents<br />ARCHIE GREEN & THE BIG RED SONGBOOK<br />a celebration in words and song<br />1:00-4:00 pm @ ILWU, Local 34<br />4 Berry Street, intersection of 2nd and King<br />on the Embarcadero next to Giant's Stadium<br /><br />======<br /><br />Thursday SEPT 6:  THE POETRY CUBICLE PRESENTS . . . 16th AND MISSION<br />curated by the Itinerant Poetry Librarian and the Poetry Center's Visiting Research Scholar SARA WINGATE GRAY & featuring the COLLABORATIVE ARTS INSURGENCY<br />3:30 pm @ the Poetry Center<br />HUM 512, SFSU, free<br /><br />======<br /><br />Sunday SEPT 16: POETRY CENTER BENEFIT<br />an evening with ROBIN BLASER<br />6:00 pm @ Knuth Hall Theater<br />Creative Arts Bldg, SFSU<br />directions http://www.sfsu.edu/~sfsumap/<br />$20, $10 students<br /><br />======<br /><br />Thursday SEPT 20: Omnidawn Press Reading<br />CHRISTOPHER ARIGO, LAURA MORIARTY, BIN RAMKE, DONALD REVELL<br />7:30 pm @ Unitarian Center<br />1187 Franklin (at Geary), $5<br /><br />======<br /><br />Thursday SEPT 27: LAWSON FUSAU INADA<br />with HAFEZ MODIRZADEH & FRANCIS WONG, music<br />4:30 pm @ the Poetry Center<br />HUM 512, SFSU, free<br /><br />(Saturday SEPT 29: Inada/Modirzadeh/Wong @ ODC Theater<br />3153 17th Street (at South Van Ness)<br />http://www.asianimprov.org/ for details)<br /><br />======<br /><br />Sunday SEPT 30:  Adventures in Poetry with<br />LARRY FAGIN & JEAN DAY<br />6:00 pm @ Unitarian Center<br />1187 Franklin (at Geary), $5<br /><br />======<br /><br />Thursday OCT 4: BOADIBA performing her own works<br />& poems of the late Haitian poet PAUL LARAQUE<br />4:30 pm @ the Poetry Center<br />HUM 512, SFSU, free<br /><br />======<br /><br />OCT 11-14:  OTHER WORDS INTERNATIONAL POETRY FESTIVAL<br />http://www.be-space.com/OtherWords/ full schedule<br /><br />Thursday OCT 11:  DEMOSTHENES AGRAFIOTIS<br />3:30 pm @ the Poetry Center<br />HUM 512, SFSU, free<br />co-sponsored by Modern Greek Studies, SFSU<br /><br />Thursday OCT 11: KATHLEEN FRASER, DEMOSTHENES AGRAFIOTIS<br />& others tba<br />7:30 pm @ the Unitarian Center<br />1187 Franklin (at Geary), free<br /><br />Sunday OCT 14:  KATZEN KAPELL one of Sweden's most original and unusual<br />bands http://www.myspace.com/katzenkapell<br />@ the Swedish American Hall<br />2174 Market Street (Church St MUNI stop), free<br />http://www.be-space.com/OtherWords/ for update & details<br /><br /> <br />======<br /><br />Wednesday OCT 17:  PETER COLE reading THE DREAM OF THE POEM:<br />Hebrew Poetry from Muslim and Christian Spain, 950-1492<br />4:30 pm @ Poetry Center<br />HUM 512, SFSU, free<br />co-sponsored by Jewish Studies Dept, SFSU<br /><br />======<br /><br />Thursday OCT 18:  RAE ARMANTROUT & DAVID BROMIGE<br />7:30 pm @ Unitarian Center<br />1187 Franklin (at Geary), $5<br /><br />======<br /><br />Thursday OCT 25: Kenning Editions Reading<br />DOLORES DORANTES, PATRICK DURGIN, JEN HOFER, JESSE SELDESS<br />& readings from Hannah Weiner's Open House<br />3:30 pm @ the Poetry Center<br />HUM 512, SFSU, free<br /><br />======<br /><br />OCT 29-30:  Poetry Center nocturnes series proudly presents<br /><br />Monday OCT 29:  JAYNE CORTEZ & THE FIRESPITTERS<br />featuring DENARDO COLEMAN drums & AL MCDOWELL bass<br />with opening duo LATASHA N. NEVADA DIGGS voice-electronics<br />& MATANA ROBERTS saxophone<br />7:30 pm @ The Victoria Theatre<br />2961 16th St (at 16th St BART)<br />$10 general seating, www.victoriatheatre.org<br /><br />Tuesday OCT 30: JAYNE CORTEZ & LATASHA N. NEVADA DIGGS<br />in conversation @ San Francisco State University, free<br />www.sfsu.edu/~poetry for updates & details<br /><br />sponsored by San Francisco Arts Commission Cultural Equity Grants<br /><br />======<br /><br />Thursday NOV 1:  KRISTIN PREVALLET & STEPHEN VINCENT<br />3:30 pm @ the Poetry Center<br />HUM 512, SFSU, free<br /><br />Thursday NOV 1:  HELEN ADAM'S COLLECTED WORKS: a celebration<br />with editor KRISTIN PREVALLET, WARNER JEPSON (original composer of San Francisco's Burning, 1960), CARL GRUNDBERG & others tba<br />7:30 pm @ Unitarian Center<br />1187 Franklin (at Geary), $5<br /><br />======<br /><br />More to come . . .


Sawbuck 1.7: Dan Boehl with art by Jonathan Marshall, Mike Estabrook, Dean Faulwell, Tim Hurley, Travis Jeppeson, Corey Mesler, Kaya Oakes, Theresa Sotto, Jen Tynes, Jared White


Iga Wyrwal
Iga Wyrwal
Why begrudge me a little fun. And must you chew gum.
Iga Wyrwal
Iga Wyrwal
Iga Wyrwal