31 January 2007

Bedazzled! is always a good time, even if I'm not a good time.

Here's "Out of Sight" by James Brown and The Game People Play.

Man, I love my new Vista peapod unhosable bingbong trousers.

30 January 2007

crets eggs

Crets Crets Crets Mike Hauser Rust Buckle BooksCrets Crets Crets Mike Hauser Rust Buckle BooksCrets Crets Crets Mike Hauser Rust Buckle BooksCrets Crets Crets Mike Hauser Rust Buckle Books

Chris Abani & Peter Orner 02/01 @ The Poetry Center

The Poetry Center Chris Abani and Peter Orner Thursday February 1, 2007 7:00 pm

29 January 2007

Death March Begins

Against the Day Thomas Pynchon Death MarchThe Against the Day Deathmarch begins tomorrow, sponsored by Cecil Vortex. Beginning Tuesday, January 30, read 50 pages a day of Thomas Pynchon's Against the Day and blog about it. Finish it (I'm not sure what year that would be) and you could win marvelous prizes.

Full information here.

Dozens of Pynchonists the world over are already waiting to be your new friend.


All seats $10 — no reservations — arrive early

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 2007 at 7:30 P.M.

“Hooligan’s Island,” / Written & Directed by Scott MacLeod

“Self/Cell” / Text by Olivia E. Sears / Images by Aline Mare / Music by Craig Bicknell

“The Deathperts” / Written & Directed by Chana Morgenstern

Selections from “James Joyce, Marcel Duchamp, Erik Satie: An Alphabet” (1982)
Written by John Cage / Directed by Marie Carbone / With Gillian Conoley, Patricia Dienstfrey, Dale Going, Brenda Hillman, Denise Liddell Lawson, Denise Newman, giovanni singleton and Carol Snow

“The Gunfight” / Written & Directed by Brent Cunningham

"FEED" / Written & directed by Juliana Spahr

"Noggin Flowers" / Written by Lisa Robertson & Jacob Eichert / Directed by Kevin Killian


I live in Oakland and am carless if anybody wants to trundle together.

28 January 2007

However I stumbled on this page (keine Ahnung), it made me a little homesick.

In the coming days I will be blogging about other things I miss, and then everything.

The 2008 FENCE Modern Poets Series, for a full-length collection by a poet writing in English at any stage in his or her career
  • Envelope must be postmarked on or between February 1st of 2007 and February 28th of 2007. No Federal Express or UPS
  • guidelines pdf

OBSERVABLE READING Maplewood Missouri February 1, 2007: Ten Jens - Hofer, Bervin, Chapis, Robinson, MacKenzie, Coleman, Woods, Scappettone, Gaby, Lyons, and Mueller<br /> <br />Jen Hofer's recent publications include Sin puertas visibles: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry by Mexican Women (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2003) and slide rule (subpress, 2002). Her work can be found in recent issues of 1913, Bomb, Bombay Gin and Primary Writing.<br /> <br />Jen Bervin is the author of A Non-Breaking Space (uglyducklingpresse.org), Nets (Ugly Duckling Presse 2004) and Under What Is Not Under (Potes & Poets 2001),. Bervin is an editor of the literary journal, jubilat, and teaches at Pratt Institute and New York University.<br /> <br />Jen Chapis is author of the chapbook The Beekeeper's Departure (Backwards City 2007). Recipient of the Florida Review Editor's Prize and GSU Review Poetry Prize, she has published poems in The Iowa Review, McSweeney's, Quarterly West, Best New Poets, etc. Jen is an Editor with Nightboat Books (nightboat.org).<br /> <br />Jen Coleman is a poet in Brooklyn, NY and co-editor of PomPom magazine (pompompress.com). She's also co-author of the chapbook Communal Bebop Canto with CE Putnam and Allison Cobb.<br /> <br />Jen MacKenzie teaches literature and writing at UM St. Louis. Her work has appeared in a number of publications, among them The Literary Review, Feminist Studies, The Christian Science Monitor, Unitarian-Universalist Poets, and, locally, River Styx, Delmar, and Sou'wester.<br /> <br />Jen Robinson is the author of For Conifer Fanatics (Soft Skull, 1996) and the chapbooks What Solitary Ocean and Late Night Clanging (with artist Elizabeth Zechel). She serves as puzzle editor for Lungfull! magazine and makes her home in Queens, New York.<br /> <br />Jen Woods is a poet and short fiction writer from Louisville, Kentucky. She serves as an editorial and marketing assistant for Sarabande Books, an independent literary press (sarabandebooks.org).<br /> <br />Jen Gaby studied Creative Writing at University of Indiana and is a fierce advocate for the literary arts in St. Louis. During daylight hours, she serves as the public relations manager for the Contemporary Art Museum.<br /> <br />Jen Scappettone's Abluvion Almanac will be out imminently from Outside Voices. Poems, translations from Italian, and prose have appeared lately in Bay Poetics, P-Queue, The Canary, The Brooklyn Rail, Chicago Review, and other places. She lives in Chicago.<br /> <br />Jen Lyons is from Kansas City and is currently attending the Washington University MFA program; she has had a poem published in Cimarron Review.<br /> <br />Jen Mueller's new collection, Bonneville, comes out this spring from Elixir Books. She teaches poetry and fiction writing at McKendree College.


Innovative Poetry in English 2005/2006 The PIP (Project for Innovative Poetry) Gertrude Stein Awards A continuation of the famed Sun & Moon Press series of selections of poems published in 2004 magazines, this volume expands the popular series to include all English-language poetry. GREEN INTEGER BOOKS 1933382694

27 January 2007

alice blue five ofelia hunt tao lin a d jameson jon swan nadine darling c mcallister williams ellen kennedy hugh behm-steinberg doug nufer elisabeth workman james belflower tim roberts anne heide mark cunningham meagan evans

alice blue five


Samson W. Gave Me One Star

Yelp Kristin Aardsma | Lindsay Bell | Aaron Belz | Laynie Browne | Michael Burkard | Mairéad Byrne | Tom Carson | Shana Cleveland | John Colasacco | Sean Cole | Ryan Collins | John Steven Cummins | Robert Eisele | d. g. eng | Monica Ferrell | Annie Finch | Lisa Fishman | Richard Foerster | Kate Gale | Lara Glenum | Johannes Gorransson | Chris Green | Arielle Greenberg | Eloise Klein Healy | Jen Hofer | Karen Holden | Anna Maria Hong | Joy Katz | Caroline Knox | Wayne Koestenbaum | Sue Kurek | Patrick Lawler | Lyn Lifshin | Maggie Lopez | Lisa Lubasch | Sarah Manguso | Sabrina Orah Mark | Heather McHugh | Heather Miles | Stephen Miller | Ange Mlinko | Albert Mobilio | Caroline Morrell | Thomas Mowe | Brighde Mullins | Maggie Nelson | Danielle Pafunda | Lisa Pepper | Robert Polito | Kristin Prevallet | Srikanth Reddy | Stephanie Rioux | Matthew Rohrer | James Shea | Martha Silano | Laurel Snyder | Janet Sternburg | Stephanie Strickland | Novica Tadić | Karen Tepfer | Steven Teref | Tom Thompson | Tony Trigilio | David Trinidad | Jean Valentine | Kathrine Varnes | Michael Ventura | Rebecca Wolff | cover art by Miranda LichtensteinSamson W. posted a review of the place where I work on Yelp today and gave it one star.

I'm "the guy."

Because I always say something like, "sorry I can't use any of these today," and I always say the same things to people, and tell the same jokes, by "which suck big time," Samson W. must have meant it sucked that I couldn't buy any.

I feel terrible.

Before I learnt about this and felt terrible (I still feel terrible) I felt great because I was feeling great and fresh copies of Black Clock 6 had just come in.

leajous snet

26 January 2007

sometimes i love the bus

A.M.Abraham Lincoln's Death Scene by Zachary Schomburg
P.M.Threads by Jill Magi

I am labeling all the online journals to read this weekend Hud.



25 January 2007

A friend asked me tonight what's up with all the birthdays. Because I don't like to talk about my personal problems, I denied it. What birthdays. I read about birthdays on your blog. I tried really hard to think of something else to talk about. Do you want a stick of gum. I have gum. We chewed gum together awhile. We stood and watched a traffic light turn from green to amber to red and then green again.

We're good friends.


Almost precisely here: that dread-told EYEBALL HATRED.

Yet white page at this writing: the TYPO 9.


Aiden Starr with Jon Leon, Laura Solomon, Jenny Boully, Jasper Bernes, Kirsten Kaschock, and Karla Kelsey.


DUSIE ISSUE 5 dawn pendergast john hyland alan a madison kristin palm cs carrier anne heide andrew demcak carrie hunter adam fieled logan ryan smith bronwen tate bill allegrezza simone muench kerri sonnenberg eileen tabios jared hayes edward smallfield kristy bowen anne boyer raymond farr marcia arrieta elisa gabbert kathleen rooney shanna compton mike hauser rachel abramowitz peter jay shippy jessica bozek john deming kate greenstreet rob mclennan samara bulhassan elise ficarra lance newman anna preston daniel borzutzky cathy eisenhower nicholas manning lonna whiting james grinwis jordan stempleman dan chelotti o hunt joseph cooper melanie hubbard jennifer sarah frota michael farrell barbara maloutas eve rifkah vernon frazer bob maracacci kathryn l pringle duane locke matina stamatakis john bradley brandon shimoda michelle detorie stephen ratcliffe mark cunningham will gallien steve timm johannes göransson lisa janssen jen scappettone

Like a late baby, it's big.


onedit 7



24 January 2007

It was very nearly Zachary Schomburg Afternoon at the store today. I received copies of Mr. Schomburg's new Horse Less Press chapbook, Abraham Lincoln's Death Scene, and a startling box from Octopus Books (hi, Mathias!). To tell you the truth, I trembled when I opened it. I was frightened. I held my boxcutter and had to rehearse my approach two or three times before first slicing. I think some kind of cgi golden sunburst shot out of the box when its flaps came open. I heard a flourish and a harp and big drums, although there were no trumpet players or harpists or drummers in the store at the time. A man with a harmonica put down the used volume of Thomas Hardy's poems he'd been fingering and stepped to the desk and asked me, "What's in that box?"

chax press moment:
SINCE I MOVED IN Tim Peterson Chax Press
by Tim Peterson


Look out.



with Ben Lerner, Dana Teen Lomax,
Aimee Suzara, Jay Thomas,
Indiana Pehlivanova, and Eric Foster

Poster says 7:30 PM.
City Lights' website
says 7. You decide.


Factory School Wars. Threesomes. Drafts. & Mothers Heriberto YépezFactory School Death Notices Meg HamillFactory School fait accompli Nick PiombinoFactory School Chanteuse / Cantatrice Catherine DalyFactory School Scrapmetal Ammiel Alcalay

Shusui Kotoku 幸徳 秋水


23 January 2007


The Replacements The Shit Hits the Fans Andrew Smith The Daily Herald The Replacements The Shit Hits the Fans Andrew Smith The Daily Herald
In January 2006 I commented on an article online about cassette tapes. I wrote:
I think the only cassette I've got worth holding onto is the Replacements' The Shit Hits the Fans.

And it's horrible.
(The article is no longer online.)

A few days later I received the following email from an Andrew Smith:

I just found out from Paul Stark at Twin/Tone that they're going to make available "The Sh*t Hits the Fans" from the Twin/Tone Web site in the fall. Unfortunately, I'm an old Replacements fan that was trying to compile all the older source material I didn't have from the Twin/Tone years so I could make a proper mix CD for an intern in our office who's in high school and plays guitar in a band. He said his band plays "alternative pop." He needs some help.

Anyway, I didn't want to wait until the fall to get the material, and I noticed you had a copy of the tape and that you thought it was horrible. As an old 'Mats fan, I was wondering if you'd be willing to part with your tape at all. If so, what amount would you be comfortable selling to me for?

Just curious,
Andrew Smith
near Chicago, Ill.
I replied:
if you can put it onto a disc, we can swap.

And Andrew wrote:

I'm not sure if I understand you correctly--are you saying you want me to put it onto a CD-R for you after you send it to me and send the disc back to you? If so, yes, I have the capability to burn it onto a music CD-R. I have a stereo-system component Harmon/Kardan CD player and recorder that has analog inputs in the back for vinyl album input, cassette tape input, etc.


i was writing in between things at work. i'm certain i wrote probably half-intelligibly.

yes, if you'll put it onto a CD for me, the cassette's yours.

Our busy correspondence continued that day, January 26, 2006:

As I mentioned, I have a very good high-end stereo system component Harman/Kardan CDR 26 that I can burn CDs with. I also use high-quality blank music CD-Rs made by IO Products. They are great because they have nothing printed on their topside so you can write whatever you want on the top with a CD-marking pen on your own and there's no printing or anything like that getting in the way. Or, if you put your own label on the top, you won't have any printing showing through the white label from underneath.

Here's my address. You might as well send me the cassette at work:

Andrew Smith
Daily Herald
4300 W. Commerce Ct. Ste. 100
Lisle, IL 60532

When I send you your CD-R back, I'll also have it in its own CD jewel case. If I can, I'll try to create some artwork for it for your trouble.

Sound like a plan?


Oh, my phone number at work is: (630) 955-3514 if you need it for any reason.
My reply:
sounds great, perfect.

i'll be sending it out tomorrow or saturday, andrew.

clay banes
Andrew shot back quickly asking for my address, so he could send me the CD-R. I told him he'd get it with the cassette when it arrived, but I wrote him my address anyway.

On February 13, 2006, Andrew wrote:
Received "The Sh*t Hits the Fans" tape. I'll need to get a tape player to hook up to my CD burner, so give me a couple of weeks.
On March 26, 2006, I hadn't heard from Andrew Smith. So I wrote a quick hello asking what's up and told him to be in touch.

The next day Andrew replied:
I'm well, all apologies for not getting your disc back to you yet. I ended up taking a three week vacation to Northern California, and then when I got back, I had election things at the newspaper making my life really hectic. I'm still working on getting a tape deck to burn your CD for you. Thanks for e-mailing though so I have your e-mail address fresh in my folder. I'll keep you posted.
I replied that I'd lost track of time myself and had just remembered. No problem.

I wrote Andrew Smith again on May 20, 2006, and asked if he had forsaken me.

On May 26, 2006, Andrew replied:
My apologies on my slow everything. I obtained an old tape deck with which I was going to burn your CD, and I found it wasn't working. I'm in the process of repairing it, and as soon as it's repaired, I'm going to burn your disc.
I immediately responded:
clay here.

andrew, as long as i'm not forgotten, i'm fine waiting.

And Andrew:
Oops, sorry.
Don't know where the heck Mike came from. Probably accidentally typed it because I have a friend named Mike.
I lost track again. I did not hear from Andrew Smith.

On September 15, 2006, I wrote:
dear andrew,

i'll try to remind you every three and half months.

Andrew Smith did not respond. I wrote him again on November 2, 2006:
Happy November!
Again, he did not respond.

I have not heard from Andrew Smith.

I have not heard from Andrew Smith.

Iga Wyrwal
Iga Wyrwal
Why begrudge me a little fun. And must you chew gum.
Iga Wyrwal
Iga Wyrwal
Iga Wyrwal