31 May 2006

30 May 2006

new issue of Verse

i'm two weeks late here.new issue of Verse The Sequence Issue (part 1) Mary Jo Bang Dawn-Michelle Baude Michael Burkard Maxine Chernoff Inger Christensen Craig Coyle Theodore Enslin Kevin Hart Paul Hoover Christine Hume Kathleen Ossip Standard Schaefer Leonard Schwartz Susan Wheeler & essays by Marjorie Perloff (on Louis Zukofsky) Ashley David (on Ben Lerner)

29 May 2006

BRICK Rian Johnson Brendan and The Brain The Pin Brendan Frye
 I liked it.

Brent Cunningham Kate Greenstreet Clay Aiken Sex Haditha

The wind kicks Brent.

28 May 2006

Sugababes banesy banesThat's Sugababes.

Some Philippine poets.

27 May 2006

Been gleeing on the Sugarbabes' cover of Arctic Monkeys' "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor," yet I feel OK.

26 May 2006

Desmond Dekker
Desmond Dekker has died.


Glenn Bach · Claire Becker · Derek Beaulieu · Joseph Bienvenu<br />Stephanie Burns · Michael Carr · C.S. Carrier · Julie Choffel<br />Julia Cohen · Shanna Compton · CAConrad · Bruce Covey<br />Donna de la Perriere · Colin Dodds · Jenny Drai · Joshua Edwards<br />Elaine Equi · Will Esposito · Skip Fox · Jim Goar · Kate Greenstreet<br />Matthew Henriksen · Dan Hoy · Paul Foster Johnson · Kristin Kelly<br />Amy King · Joseph Lease · Heather Madden · Jonathan Mayhew<br />Clay Matthews · Gary McDowell · James Meetze · Andrew Mister<br />Christopher Mulrooney · Jess Mynes · Chris Pusateri · Steve Roberts<br />Anthony Robinson · Ken Rumble · Andrew Sage · Christopher Salerno<br />Larry Sawyer · Ashley Schaffer, David Shapiro · Sandra Simonds<br />Bethany Spiers · Stacy Szymaszek · Deborah Wardlaw Pattillo<br />Elisabeth Whitehead · Ian Randall Wilson

25 May 2006

OBERIU<br />An Anthology of Russian Absurdism<br /><br />Eugene Ostashevsky<br />lisa jarnot<br />war mongeringMeanwhile, listening to Kenneth Goldsmith singing Jean Baudrillard, I'm still waiting.

If it's not a poem, what is it?

Raymond Clevie Carver, Jr. lisa jarnot war mongering


Sheila Heti interview at Elegant Variation.

24 May 2006

Must be Zimmy's birthday.


23 May 2006

everything doesn't happen online

Ahsahta Press sent me an advance reader's copy of Kate Greenstreet's case sensitive this afternoon. Thank you, Ahsahta. The book's out in September.

The Undead and Philosophy K. Silem MohammedThen later tonight my colleague had gone through a catalogue of next season's books, and I was going through it, and he watched over my shoulder as I flipped through it and said, "I'm ordering that one. It looks cool." And I said, "It's edited by Kasey!" and circled his name. (We booksellers go through these catalogues with pens. That's a secret.) Then I felt compelled to walk over and pull Deer Head Nation off the shelf, I don't know why. Maybe because I was tired, or maybe because nobody knows what or wherefore poetry books come to our shelves, me especially.

I also got visits tonight from two poets—friendly. So even though I came into work feeling like crap, like this is all pointless, the night turned out OK.

What I would have posted elaborately Thursday had I been posting elaborately Thursday.

dear tom, mike & dan

tom coburn clay banes vic firth Gilbert Sorrentino

Another night, another failed attempt to visit Small Press Distribution's website.
Small Press Distribution
Dear SPD, I love you. Please fix your website finally.

Update: Seems to be working. Sometimes at two in the morning it isn't.

john ashbury james tate
John & Jim not hating you.

22 May 2006

I've been busy vaccinating children and jarring jams. Also the good old internet anti-lust, aka retinal rebuff, aka eyeball hatred.

Fetish fatigue. You're joking.

You're not joking. You're inside.

Can I have another one with a preposition used as a noun? It's speaking to my sense of belonging profoundly. Please?

19 May 2006

because i like ye:

18 May 2006

Is it a fetish? Is my lifelong love of the delight and surprise in used bookstores—the thingness of the books—my nostalgia?


The Spectacle of Meat Maureen Thorson Big Game BooksSmall Press Distribution

17 May 2006

Whoa. New music on the NewsHour.

Haven't been well appalled yet today? Really?

Have at.

I'm too curious. I'm doing it.

Quick, somebody start writing.

16 May 2006

adrienne rich turns 77 today.

Adrienne Rich



Oskar Pastior
€ 40.000,—

Jacket 29 Poems from Altered State — The New Polish Poetry. Edited by Rod Mengham, Tadeusz Pióro and Piotr Szymor. Todmorden, UK: Arc Publications, 2003. Price: £10.95. This selection was chosen by Rod Mengham and John TranterBear Family Records 31 R&B Classics That Rocked The Jukebox in 1958<br />Blowing The Fuse
World Beaters IV
World Beaters IVLiars Drum's Not Deadmoth orgy ellen kennedy i want to have a threesome with ants tao lin

15 May 2006

"We are now living in an age where practically everybody is able to write a decent book, or to make a decent movie, or even make decent art — in other words: we live in communism."

Dubravka Ugrešić

karl rove has not yet been indicted so

Karl Rove indictment Stanley Kunitz

This is Stanley Kunitz. He died.

Stanley Kunitz


I got my air tickets. I'm flying to Western Massachusetts in October. I'll bus or train to visit friends for a few days in Brooklyn, one of whom will likely return with me to the Bay State for a couple of days to take the Banes tour of the Valley, Troubadour Books, the Book Mill, and straight up to Brattleboro.

I'll eat pizza.

I'll bring home boxes of Devil Dogs and jars of Fluff.

14 May 2006

Brian Teare answers questions.
David Baratier answers questions.
Steve Davenport answers questions.

Some things, even really stupid things, I think about doing for a really long time.
This is one of them.

Dig into your linty pockets for a quarter and drop it in the slot. The waxy fake gypsy whirrs, moves its eyeballs, drops its jaw, and speaks—not some ambiguous truism or routine divination, but autonomous megamodules of bizarre & (bizarrely) joyful social critique! Winsome and piquant, these poems, like improvised apricots, are capacious enough to embrace gaudy regalia, sky hooks, Flip Wilson, Jackson Mac Low, wasabi, pizza, evil dummies, and kitties. Based explicitly on the egg-laying structures of cicadas with grooved ovipositors, the poems lay bare their devices in the special way that only a Wetumpkan high on yumyumcha can pull off. Koeneke, like an oracle asquat his own fissure, has written a book that is unconscionably nifty-gallifty. Put simply, it’s CLAM CHOWDER FOR THE SOUL.   -- Nada Gordon<br /><br /><br />Rodney Koeneke's quick-paced, hilarious, often vulgar juxtapositions are rude to understanding but courteous as a calling card to anyone who cares about the life of language. Assembled with delight, affection, and a connoisseur's ear for the latent pleasures of babble, Musee Mechanique is a joyous record of the words in our head, c. 2006. I love this book. -- Benjamin Friedlander<br /><br /><br />Authentic anti-epic switch-hits as comic saga, a new model for hybrid experiment and spiraling craft. Lyrically buoyant.<br />-- Jack Kimball<br /><br />Rodney Koeneke’s second book, Musee Mechanique, throws us smack dab in the middle of American consumerism—to forget how the product is made. The work shows us how it is now, with the nostalgia of the musèe oddified by idiosyncratic clutter from Toothy the Tooth to Asteroids. Tell yourself the kaleidoscope is real—we are not being naturalized by pedestrian thoroughfares, rather by the dreamy transmissions of “ecriture for the flaneur/in search for sexy subforms on the Proust list.” Just try to stick your penny into the penetralia of these poems: “Base Mood, icky. Kitty Mood, BOOM BOOM.” -- Cynthia Sailers

12 May 2006

Your milk and honey, less the milk, sung.

11 May 2006

I'm going to Sacramento for a couple of days. (Yeah, I know.)

What's to do in Sacramento?

A link to a Ron Silliman post is probably superfluous, but there's a nice bit on Cody's and Berkeley bookstores thisway.

10 May 2006

Cody's on Telegraph is closing. Holy fucking cow.

Noah Eli Gordon poem at {lime tree}.

Stephanie Young Day here and here.


I'm ready to spill the beans and confess on toast.
Between the so-called so-called and the so-called I.

Don't touch that dial. We'll be right back.

THE POETRY CENTER presents Anne Carson<br />Monday, May 15<br />4:00 pm @ Humanities Auditorium <br />HUM 133, SFSU, free<br /><br />Presented in association with Modern Greek Studies Program SFSU <br /><br />Poet, essayist, and renowned translator from Ancient Greek Anne Carson is the celebrated author of numerous works, from her innovative early classical study Eros the Bittersweet, through recent works including The Beauty of the Husband, Men in the Off Hours, and, most recently, Decreation: Poetry, Essays, Opera, she has been presenting a unique hybrid work, ranging intellectually from the archaic to the stunningly contemporary.  Ms. Carson’s translations of the complete works of Sappho were published as If Not Winter: Fragments of Sappho.  Anne Carson is currently scholar in residence at the Getty Foundation in Los Angeles.

09 May 2006

Check out the tops at BEDAZZLED! Trust me.

Blaine didn't make it. Apple Corps didn't make it. Forty-three is at thirty-one.
So, so happily copies arrived yesterday of Sarah Manguso's Siste Viator from Four Way Books. Thanks, Martha.

08 May 2006

This morning's big referral: no. 2 Google hit, search words "joshua beckman pretentious."


The Incognito Body Cynthia Hogue The Incognito Body Cynthia Hogue The Incognito Body Cynthia Hogue The Incognito Body Cynthia Hogue The Incognito Body Cynthia Hogue The Incognito Body Cynthia HogueThe Cuckoo Peter Streckfus The Cuckoo Peter Streckfus The Cuckoo Peter Streckfus The Cuckoo Peter Streckfus The Cuckoo Peter Streckfus The Cuckoo Peter StreckfusDancing in Odessa Ilya Kaminsky Dancing in Odessa Ilya Kaminsky Dancing in Odessa Ilya Kaminsky Dancing in Odessa Ilya Kaminsky Dancing in Odessa Ilya Kaminsky Dancing in Odessa Ilya KaminskyThe reading's tonight at 7:30, poets Cynthia Hogue, Joyce Jenkins, Peter Streckfus, and Ilya Kaminsky. I just learnt I'd erred: The press release I sent stated the date as "Monday, May 9th," and at least one of the papers ran the reading as happening on Tuesday. It isn't. It's tonight. I feel sick about this. If you overhear anyone murmuring today, "Gee, I can't wait for that Poets for Peace reading at Pegasus Tuesday night," please correct her. Also, please come. And bring your friends.

07 May 2006

Old Crow 2 NEW MOON NEW FLESH William Monahan Errol Miller Sam Cherubin Carol Edelstein Tobias Burghardt Glenna Luscei Gary Hotham Anca Vlasopolos Todd Kalinski Will Inman Ivan Olson Oriole Feshbach Kelly Green Carl Tillona Beth O'Rourke Owen Barfield Elmar Schenkel Tessa Rausford Colin P. McKaig Kelly Washbourne Amherst John Gibney Theda Bronson Tawnya KelleyOld Crow 6 Chris Peters L. Lee Abelard Greg Bachar Clayton Banes Tom Caufield Sam Cherubin Carol Ann Davis Holly Lalena Day Catherine Frank Taylor Graham Richard D. Houff Christopher Jones Michael Kuch William Monahan Sheryl L. Nelms Sitric O'Sanassa Simon Perchik Kenneth Pobo John Rose Elmar Schenkel Wally Swist Eileen Tabios Burton Postalthwait Weedon Terran Ilana Wein A NEW MAGAZINE WITH MYTHIC CONCERNS FKB PressWOOTEN'S BOOKS 19 N. Pleasant St. Amherst

06 May 2006

Rite Spote Café Gillian Conoley D.A. Powell

05 May 2006

michael earl craig

Tillykke med fødselsdagen.


All I got is a link:

link     link

03 May 2006

Beth Murray Kristen Modern Times Bookstore May 5 7PM
Beth Murray The Night’s NightKristen Hanlon Proximity Talks

Iga Wyrwal
Iga Wyrwal
Why begrudge me a little fun. And must you chew gum.
Iga Wyrwal
Iga Wyrwal
Iga Wyrwal